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General Information About Our Company

As Panel Cabin Electrical Systems Company, our production center and office building are located in Esenyurt Alkop Industrial Site . Since 1994;

  • In Industrial Facilities, Power Plants
  • Heavy Industry Factories
  • In Mass Housing, Shopping Malls and Hospitals
  • In Port and Marine Projects

We provide services in Empty Panel manufacturing and Assembled Electrical panels.

We can export without any problems due to the certificates we have.

  • Our GOST-R - EAC Certificate, which is accepted as the standard of the Russian government and the Turkic States,
  • We have a CE Conformity Approval Certificate, which is seen as an entry ticket to EU countries.
  • Compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 Quality management system certificates
  • 4000A 100kA FORM-4B Full Type Test Certified Mounted Electrical Panel in accordance with IEC EN 61439-2 Standard
  • Certified Empty and Assembled Electrical Panel in accordance with IEC EN 60068 Seismic (Earthquake) ZONE4 Standard
  • Seismic (Earthquake) Certified Empty and Assembled Electrical Panel in accordance with UL AC-156 American Standard
  • TSE certified EMPTY Panel production in accordance with IEC EN 62208 Standard
  • We produce TSE certified fuse boxes in accordance with IEC EN 60670-24 standard.

Panel Kabin produces modular and welded electrical panels on automatic machine tools.

In our machinery, CE certified heavy industry CNC machines suitable for the latest technology are used.

The sheets we used in panel manufacturing are Ereğli Iron and Steel products.

Liquid gasket casting is used in our products with CNC gasket casting machine. The gaskets used provide IP65 level.

Due to the advantage of being a manufacturing company in the sector, we also provide TSE certified IEC 62208 (Empty Enclosures) to our colleagues.

We provide support in the sale of Empty Panels.

Besides ;

  • Metal sheet cutting, drilling, bending operations kiosk panels
  • Generator cabins
  • Shelves and stands
  • Withdrawable Electrical Panels
  • We also manufacture special production products.

Although we provide service to every region of Turkey and all over the world, we can also issue export registered invoices as we are a manufacturer company.

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