MC Measurement Centers

Electrical Energy measurement centers

MC Measurement Centers

It is designed to command and control energy measurement and security in the most appropriate way in public housing, business centers and shopping malls.
Meter Panels meet the meter sealing requirements, taking into account the acceptance criteria of the electricity company.

Energy Meters and Measuring Devices: Meter panels contain energy meters and measuring devices used to measure electrical energy consumption. These devices are used to determine how much of the service is consumed.

User Consumption Information: Meter panels allow users to monitor energy consumption over a period of time. This information is important for billing, data analysis, and energy efficiency efforts.

Remote Reading and Monitoring: Can be integrated with remote reading and monitoring systems. This makes it easy to retrieve and monitor meter information remotely and ensures fast service.

Billing and Revenue Collection: Helps service providers bill users accurately. This enables revenue collection to cover the costs of services.

Data Analysis: Data collected by meter panels contains important information about energy consumption and usage patterns. This data can be used to improve energy efficiency and optimize energy management strategies.

Protection and Security: Meter panels can be designed to protect against energy theft. It also protects the safe operation of meters and consumption information.

Customizability: Meter panels can be customized to suit different metering needs and service types. For example, a commercial facility's energy meter panel may have different requirements than a home's energy meter panel.

ExplanationApplicable Qualification
Trademark Pnl Kabin
According to Place of Use LV Power Distribution Equipment
Place of Use Indoor & Outdoor Environments
Main Busbar Short Circuit Breaking Withstand Current Icw 100 kA
Short Circuit Peak Withstand Current to Main Busbar Ipk 220 kA
Hardware Internal Allocation Format Form 1 / Form 2b (2a) / Form 3b (3a) / Form 4b (4a)
Mechanical Impact Protection Class IK 10
External Protection Degree (IP) IP31 / IP41 / IP54 / IP65
Internal Protection Degree (IP) IP30
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