Quality Policy

Our Companys Quality Goals and Objectives

Our company's senior management has determined our quality policy, which states our company's goals and guides its goals, aims to improve continuously, and indicates its commitment. This policy was communicated to all our employees through training, and they were ensured to understand and comprehend it. By hanging in visible places in our company, our goals and commitments are constantly visible to our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Our quality policy is reviewed annually to ensure its suitability, effectiveness, and whether it is indicative of our goals and objectives.


Our goal is to move our company to a level where it can compete with our competitors in the international market regarding quality, price, and efficiency and to improve and improve our products and systems continuously. As we walk towards our goal, our basic policy is to accept quality as our primary line and to increase customer, employee, and shareholder satisfaction constantly.


  • To become a leading company in our industry by increasing domestic sales volume,
  • Reduce Costs
  • To expand training activities for all personnel, to constantly support them, to encourage them to participate in quality improvement and development studies,
  • Since our goal is customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we are never satisfied with our work and always seek better and error-free.
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