ACS Automation Control Systems

PLC, SCADA, DDC Control Panels

ACS Automation Control Systems

These are our panel groups designed to control all kinds of technological applications in industrial facilities in the most appropriate way.

Panels containing a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) are generally defined as automation control panels. Our company produces PLC, DCS and SCADA comprehensive automation panels in automation systems, specially designed automation panels for your projects and assembly solutions in accordance with standards. Automation panels are the automation and control systems in industrial enterprises or facilities. These are electrical panels used to manage and monitor. These panels are used to ensure the coordination of machine control, data collection, business processes and automation systems. Automation dashboards analyze data from sensors, take action and present the results to business owners or operators.

Control and Monitoring: Automation panels provide control and monitoring of machines and processes in industrial enterprises. These panels are used to increase production line efficiency, reduce errors and optimize business processes.

Sensors and Actuators: Automation panels collect data from sensors located within the factory or facility and provide the necessary response through actuators. For example, it monitors data such as temperature, pressure or speed and makes appropriate adjustments.

Data Collection and Analysis: Automation dashboards are used to monitor production processes and record data. This data gives business owners the ability to make better decisions.

Programmability: Automation dashboards enable users to program business processes. This means that processes can be modified and optimized.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface): Automation panels may include HMI interfaces to help operators visually monitor and control production processes.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Modern automation panels can be integrated with remote monitoring and control capabilities. This makes it easier for operators to solve problems and manage processes by providing remote access.

Data Integration: Automation dashboards facilitate data integration with other business systems and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

ExplanationApplicable Qualification
Trademark Pnl Kabin
According to Place of Use LV Power Distribution Equipment
Place of Use Indoor & Outdoor Environments
Main Busbar Short Circuit Breaking Withstand Current Icw 100 kA
Short Circuit Peak Withstand Current to Main Busbar Ipk 220 kA
Hardware Internal Allocation Format Form 1 / Form 2b (2a) / Form 3b (3a) / Form 4b (4a)
Mechanical Impact Protection Class IK 10
External Protection Degree (IP) IP31 / IP41 / IP54 / IP65
Internal Protection Degree (IP) IP30
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