RPCC Compensation Panels

Compensation Panels

RPCC Compensation Panels

It is a type of electrical panel used to compensate electrical energy in order to provide energy efficiency and power factor improvement.

These panels, which are used to compensate the system in the most appropriate way, are projected to IEC 60617 standards by our expert team. RPCC panels are designed for applications up to 2500 KVA, taking into account harmonics and the most appropriate stepping options. In electrolytic assembly, electrolytic copper busbars suitable for total power and short circuit currents are selected and supported at appropriate intervals within IEC 61439-1 and TS 3367 standards.

Power Factor Improvement: The main purpose of compensation panels is to improve the power factor. Power factor measures the efficiency of an electrical circuit and means that in an ideal situation (considered to be 1), all energy is converted into active power. However, many industrial loads generate inductive (reactive) power, causing the power factor to decrease. The compensation panel increases the power factor by balancing this reactive power.

Capacitors: The compensation board usually contains large capacitors. These capacitors help balance reactive power. Inductive loads in industrial facilities enable capacitors to consume reactive power, which increases the power factor.

Energy Efficiency: Power factor improvement increases energy efficiency. A higher power factor means less reactive power generation and lower losses. This can reduce energy costs.

Protection and Control: Compensation panels ensure safe operation of capacitors. Additionally, these panels contain protection and control devices and monitor and control overcurrent, overvoltage and other hazardous conditions.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Modern compensation panels can be integrated with remote monitoring and control systems. In this way, energy management becomes more efficient.

Industrial and Commercial Use: Compensation panels are used in many different places such as industrial facilities, shopping malls, hotels and large buildings. Especially large industrial facilities are places where the power factor must be improved regularly.

ExplanationApplicable Qualification
Trademark PNL Kabin
According to Place of Use LV Power Distribution Equipment
Place of Use Indoor & Outdoor Environments
Main Busbar Short Circuit Breaking Withstand Current Icw 100 kA
Short Circuit Peak Withstand Current to Main Busbar Ipk 220 kA
Hardware Internal Allocation Format Form 1 / Form 2b (2a) / Form 3b (3a) / Form 4b (4a)
Mechanical Impact Protection Class IK 10
External Protection Degree (IP) IP31 / IP41 / IP55
Internal Protection Degree(IP) IP30
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