SCS Synchronization Control Panels

Generator and Grid Synchronization Panels

SCS Synchronization Control Panels

Synchronization panels are an electrical panel used to synchronize and combine energy in facilities with more than one transformer and generator system.

The most essential feature of generator synchronization systems is that one or more generators work on the same power line with another generator or network and share the load.

This simultaneous operation is achieved by controlling the amplitude, frequency, and phase angle of the generator's voltage signal. These parameters are adjusted and retained according to the system to be installed, the type of application, and the produced welding voltage is transmitted to the facility via switching elements (switches).

Synchronization Process: Synchronization panels are used to synchronize different power sources (e.g., generators, alternative energy sources, or separate electrical grids). Synchronization involves matching parameters such as frequency and phase angle so that electrical energy from different sources can be combined seamlessly.

Power Backup and Stability: Synchronization boards synchronize backup power supplies with the mains during power outages or other issues. This is important to maintain electricity stability and reduce outage time.

Coordination and Control: Synchronization boards are used to coordinate and control different power supplies. This optimizes the operation of the electrical grid and increases energy efficiency.

Automation: Modern synchronization panels can be integrated with automation systems. This makes the synchronization process more efficient and reduces human intervention.

Safety and Protection: Synchronization boards enable safe and trouble-free coupling of power supplies. Additionally, it monitors and protects against overcurrent, overvoltage, and other hazardous conditions.

Energy Distribution: Synchronization panels help distribute energy evenly within or between facilities. This allows energy to be shared between specific loads.

ExplanationApplicable Qualification
Trademark PNL Kabin
According to Place of Use LV Power Distribution Equipment
Place of Use Indoor & Outdoor Environments
Main Busbar Short Circuit Breaking Withstand Current Icw 100 kA
Short Circuit Peak Withstand Current to Main Busbar Ipk 220 kA
Hardware Internal Allocation Format Form 1 / Form 2b (2a) / Form 3b (3a) / Form 4b (4a)
Mechanical Impact Protection Class IK 10
External Protection Degree (IP) IP31 / IP41 / IP54 / IP65
Internal Protection Degree (IP) IP30
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