GES Solar Power Plant Panels

GES ADP 400VAC and 800VAC Panels

GES Solar Power Plant Panels

Today, one of the renewable energy systems is Solar Energy. Solar ADP panels are one of the most important components of the solar energy system. The operating voltage of Solar Panels can be produced as 800VAC according to customer demand.

The electricity produced by the solar panels is converted into AC power by an inverter and collected in Field Panels located next to the solar panel banks on the field. The energy obtained from the panels on the field is transferred to the Solar Main Distribution Panel located next to the transformer.

Energy Production and Monitoring: The solar power plant ADP panel provides control of inverters that convert solar energy from photovoltaic panels into electrical energy. These panels are a central control point where the energy produced by solar panel arrays is collected and directed to the grid or storage systems.

Data Collection and Monitoring: Solar panels collect and visually present data from sensors used to monitor solar panel performance. This is important for monitoring the efficiency of the solar power plant and determining maintenance requirements.

System Security: The solar power plant ADP panel accommodates various protection and monitoring functions to ensure system security. Detects and protects against overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and other safety hazards.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Can be integrated with remote monitoring and control systems. In this way, solar power plant operators can monitor system performance remotely and intervene when necessary.

Automation: Solar power plant ADP panels have automation capabilities to optimize system operation. For example, it can automatically perform operations such as adjusting the viewing angles of panels or changing the inverter capacity.

Data Analysis: Data collected from the system can be used to provide information such as performance analysis and energy production data. This data can be used to improve energy efficiency and optimize solar power plant operations.

ExplanationApplicable Qualification
Trademark Pnl Kabin
According to Place of Use LV Power Distribution Equipment
Place of Use Indoor or Outdoor Environments
Main Busbar Short Circuit Breaking Withstand Current Icw 100 kA
Short Circuit Peak Withstand Current to Main Busbar Ipk 220 kA
Hardware Internal Allocation Format Form 1 / Form 2b (2a) / Form 3b (3a) / Form 4b (4a)
Mechanical Impact Protection Class IK 10
External Protection Degree (IP) IP31 / IP41 / IP54 / IP65
Internal Protection Degree (IP) IP30
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