DSP.2 Disinfectant Stand with Foot Pedal

DSP.2 Disinfectant Stand with Foot Pedal

It is a disinfectant point stand that allows you to easily maintain hygiene thanks to the Foot Pedal. It is 100% Domestic Production.

The product is designed to ensure absolute hand hygiene and help protect against viruses. It is made of durable steel material. It minimizes the possibility of contamination against the danger of Covid-19 by eliminating hand contact. It can be used as disinfectant, liquid soap dispenser and cologne dispenser. The operating room type has a foot pedal feature. It can be placed at door entrances or pedestrian crossing areas without mounting anywhere. It has minimal dimensions and is designed compactly. It is designed to be light enough for one person to lift and sturdy enough to stand stable. The dispenser unit has a volume of 1 Liter. It can be easily used with commercially available disinfectants or as a batikon, cologne or liquid soap dispenser.


*Modern, stylish and ergonomic design.

*All parts are metal and electrostatic powder painted.

*Easily adjustable mechanism for each bottle size, works with multiple brands of products thanks to height adjustment.

*Does not require hand contact. It is a unique design that sprays disinfectant into your palm when you press the pedal with your foot.

*14-day rule board approved by the Ministry of Health.

*Resistant to impacts and scratches thanks to metal parts.

*Does not require batteries or electricity like sensor devices.

*All types of disinfectants in liquid or gel consistency are suitable for use with batikon, cologne and liquid soap.

*It can be used as a stand anywhere without mounting anywhere.

*It has minimal dimensions and is designed compactly. It does not take up unnecessary space.

*It is designed to be light enough for one person to lift and sturdy enough to stand stable.

Usage Places It can be used in public institutions and organizations such as Factory Entrances, Offices, Store Entrances, Sales Points, Site Entrances, Gyms, Meeting Halls, Barbers, Hairdressers, Service Boarding Points, Cargo Branches, Markets, Pharmacies, Restaurants, etc.
Application Type With Foot Pedal
Material Type Metal (Steel) Body, Flange and Mechanism
Mechanism Type Modular Structure; Consumables such as pedals and springs are non-welded and can be easily replaced.
Paint Type Electrostatic oven paint
Maintenance and Cleaning You can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. It does not require maintenance.
Optional Features Special Color Paint Application
Dispenser Protection (Storage) Enclosure
Special Design Digital Printing
Production in Requested Dimensions
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