DSP.5 Disinfectant Stand

DSP.5 Disinfectant Stand


Hygiene station is a professional design developed to provide hand and surface disinfection and meets many personal hygiene needs at the same time.
We worry about our hands and the surfaces we come into contact with, especially while shopping, working and doing sports.
"Hygiene Station", which is a perfect solution for hand and surface disinfection, meets many needs at the same time.
It allows users to feel safe in a hygienic environment, making it easier for them to carry out activities such as shopping, working and doing sports.
The Hygiene Station, with its disinfectant, wipes and mask dispensers, as well as the Hygienic Waste bucket, is very important in creating a safe and healthy environment.


✓ The Disinfectant Dispenser part can be used manually with a 1 liter drum, or it can be used automatically and contactless by attaching a Sensor Dispenser . 
✓ Hygienic wipes dispenser; It is designed for the disinfection of products such as market carts, shopping baskets, phones and bags. 
✓ Hygienic glove dispenser; Enables hygienic removal of gloves. 
✓ Hygienic waste bucket ; It is a trash can used to dispose of disposable personal hygiene waste. It ensures that personal hygiene products such as masks, gloves and wipes are collected in a separate place from normal garbage bins. 


✓ Disinfectant dispenser can be used manually with a 1 liter drum, or it can be used automatically and contactless by attaching a Sensor Dispenser . 
✓ Independent use by customers is possible. 
✓ Hygienic wipe dispenser and glove dispenser holders provide self-service use. 
✓ It allows users to feel safe in a hygienic environment and facilitate their activities such as shopping, working and doing sports. 
✓ It reduces dangerous contact. 
✓ It reduces the risk of cross contamination. 
✓ The product has an aesthetic appearance compared to its counterparts and stands firmly on the ground. 
✓ All parts are made of metal steel and electrostatic powder painted. 
✓ Thanks to its metal parts, it is resistant to impacts and scratches. 
✓ It is suitable for use with all types of disinfectants in liquid or gel consistency, batikon, cologne and liquid soap. 
✓ It can be used as a stand anywhere without mounting anywhere. 
✓ It has minimal dimensions and is designed compactly.

Usage places It can be used in public institutions and organizations such as Factory Entrances, Offices, Store Entrances, Sales Points, Site Entrances, Gyms, Meeting Halls, Barbers, Hairdressers, Service Boarding Points, Cargo Branches, Markets, Pharmacies, Restaurants, etc.
Application Type Sensored or Manual Dispenser Chamber
Hygienic Wipes Box Chamber
Mask or Glove Box Reservoir
Material Type Metal (Steel) Body, Flange and Mechanism
Paint Type Electrostatic oven paint
Maintenance and Cleaning You can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. It does not require maintenance.
Optional Features Special Color Paint Application
Production in Requested Dimensions
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