SAM Flush Mounted Monoblock Type

SAM Flush Mounted Monoblock Type

Designed as a surface-mounted monoblock, our panels are used as distribution and low-current boxes in flats. SAM series Fuse Boxes; It has been developed in accordance with "TSE / IEC 60670-24 Metal Fuse Boxes - Hardware Used in Homes and Similar Places" standards.

It has a Monoblock Recessed structure; It includes suitable mounting types with vertical and horizontal low current section.

It is used inside flats by mass housing contractors such as Emlak Konut and Toki.

Apart from our standard products, special design works are carried out in accordance with customer demands.

ExplanationApplicable Feature
Application Types Monoblock Vertical Weak Current Division (M.ZD)
Monoblock Horizontal Weak Current Division (M.ZY)
Monoblock (M)
According to Place of Use Internal/Indoor
Protection Class Up to IP41
Framework Monoblock, Semi-Modular 1-1.2-1.5 DKP Design Types
Forms of Separation Vertical Split Weak Current Eyelet (ZD)
Horizontal Split Low Current Eyebrow (ZY)
Cover Plates Weak Current
Color Code Electro Static Powder PaintRAL 7035W or 9001W
Optional Features POC Series Tempered Glass
PORAL Special Request Paint
Options According to Customer Demand
Screw or Slide Lock Curtain Sheet
Double Lock Boarding Door, Single Lock Boarding Door, Single Door
Terminal Section
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